Study like Spencer Hastings:

  • Research: Read books, read journals, search online articles and publications, etc, perform field studies, question everything.
  • Study with friends: Quiz your friends, tutor courses you’re good at, work in groups and help each other with assignments.
  • Stay organized: File your papers, color-code, organized chaos always.
  • Friendly competition: Motivate yourself, join competitions, try not to fight with your sister, remember to encourage and respect your peers.
  • Get involved: Sports, debate, language, school productions, writing etc. Participate in anything that showcases your skills and talent.
  • Ask for help: Talk to your teachers/profs, get to know your school services, and you can always make an appointment with a local psychologist (before things spiral out of hand..)
  • Don’t speedJust don’t do it
  • Stay interested and explore your options: Attend campus tours or events, volunteer, stay connected to peers from different areas, network, apply to more than one option (be it schools, scholarships etc.)  
  • Caffeinate, but remember to hydrate. Coffee, coffee, redbull, coffee, tea, coffee, sometimes water. 
  • Sleepwhat is sleep?

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